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DEATH AND DIAMONDS IN THE AMAZON THE WALRUS, Novermber, 2004 Reprinted and Translated in the French newsmagazine Courrier Internataional
RIO DE JANEIRO: SUN, SAND AND SEMIAUTOMATICS TORO Magazine, September 2004 Think the bloodiest urban conflict is in Iraq? Think again.
Toro, February 2003 In which the author searches for elusive species - human and non - in the Brazilian Pantanal
Civil War in Tajikistan Toro, February 2001
The 5 Indices of Civilization EnRoute, February 2001
Hang Gliding in Rio de Janeiro Toro Magazine
KPMB: Architects EnRoute, February 2001 Toronto architects KPMB overturn the model of the Great White God.
Love On The Run Saturday Night July 29, 2000 Kelowna RCMP were sure Shannon Murrin was the killer of Mindy Tran. Sure enough to have him killed.
The Great Divide Adbusters
July 2000
In the world of activism, a new generation has arrived
HydroGate: The Scandal that Never Was The Vancouver Sun, June 10, 2000 How the BC Liberal, Glen Clark and the Vancouver Sun combined to create a scandal where none existed
Avalanche! Canadian Geographic March, 2000 Search and rescue teams rescue 5 hikers from a mountain in sight of Vancouver
Australia: Dive Down Under EnRoute
February 2000
Discoveries in Diving the Great Barrier Reef
Secrets of the City Vancouver December 1999 Scandals, Tunnels, Sex, and other tidbits
Stopping the Brain Drain EnRoute December, 1999 Q&A with UBC Nobel laureate Michael Smith
Speed Bumpkin EnRoute
December, 1999
Greg Moore may be the world's top racer, but he's still a good ol' boy from Maple Ridge
Vancouver: Birthplace of Smileyville Vancouver; November, 1999 Cover feature; Vancouver's architectural development during the '90s building boom
See How They Run EnRoute
August 1999
World Champion triathletes and husband and wife set out for gold in Australia
Betrayed by the Prophet Mix--Van. Sun June 5, 1999 Disillusioned by David Suzuki's latest pronouncements, Shawn Blore senses a eco-generation gap widening
Leaky Pools Vancouver
April 1999
In-depth investigation of a Vancouver real estate scam
The Catcher in the Fly Elm Street
March 1999
Forensic anthropologist Gail Anderson uses insects to catch criminals
Calls of the Wild Imperial Oil Review, Winter, 1999; Ian and Karen McAllister have made a home in the BC rainforest. Now they're trying to save it from clearcutting
Vancouver: Secrets of the City Vancouver, November, 1998 Cover feature; hidden tales about Vancouver
In for the Kill Monday Magazine, October 29, 1998 The Makah are out to kill their first whale in 70 years. Anna Hall is out to stop them
Cashing in his Chip BC Business, October, 1998 For V-Chip designer Tim Collings, the invention was the easy part. Now he has to bring his product to market.
The "S" Word The Georgia Straight, June 25, 1998 On the South East Shore of False Creek,. an experiment in sustainable development in underway. Trouble is, who know what the term really means?
Equity and Irony Vancouver, May/June 1998 The life and death of Equity magazine
Reduce, reuse, recycle. BC Business March, 1998 Budgets cuts force CBC Radio to adopt "environmental" stance
Plus Ca Change Vancouver, November, 1997 Vancouver is 30 years older. Has anyone noticed a difference?
Spare Parts BC Business November, 1997 Spare parts: the human quest for unlimited mileage and what science is doing to keep you on the road longer.
Stalking the Orca The Georgia Straight,
October 9, 1997
Record numbers of whale watchers are 'ambushing' west coast killer whales. How are these creatures affected by this human circus.
Goliath vs. Goliath BC Business, September, 1997 A report on the competition between Rogers and BC Tel for the Internet market
De-caffeinated. BC Business
July, 1997
Starbucks employees affiliate themselves with Canadian Auto Workers
Doug and the Pugs Vancouver, Summer, 1997 Doug Collins, the Holocaust, and the BC Human Rights Commission
Betting the Farm The Georgia Straight,
July 10, 1997
An inquiry into the dangers and opportunities of salmon netcage aquaculture
Vancouver 1967 The Georgia Straight,
May 1997
A look back at the city that gave rise to the oldest independent weekly newspaper in North America.
Bloody Superstition The Georgia Straight,
April 24, 1997
Human consumption is the biggest threat to the world's remaining tigers. Anthony Marr changed his life to try to save theirs
Drug City Vancouver; March 1997 de-facto decriminalization of Marijuana has made Vancouver North America's drug Mecca
Ancient Medicine The Georgia Straight,
January 23, 1997
Dr. Wah Jun Tze took Harvard Medical Training to China. Now he's bringing traditional cures to Vancouver Hospital
Vancouver: Secrets of the City Vancouver, Winter, 1996/7 Cover feature; hidden tales about Vancouver
Is there a job in your future? BC Business November, 1996 Effect of information technology on employment
The White Knight in the Grey Wool Suit, BC Business, October, 1996 Is Jack Hickman a multi-media genius, or just a New York hustler.
Whaling Nation The Georgia Straight, September 26, 1996 The Makah Indian Band want to go whaling again. Should this tradition be revived?
Humming Right Along Vancouver; May/June 1996 , GM wants to sell electric cars for $65,000. Axel Gringmuth's cost $9,000, and gets better mileage. Are car manufacturers keeping something from us?.
Give Them Enough Rope Vancouver Magazine
April, 1996
Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay were young and smart, almost smart enough to get away with murder.
Loaded for Bear Vancouver,
April, 1996
Chinese-Canadian Anthony Marr is takes on Chinese Traditional Medicine over its use of bear and tiger parts.
The Steller Equation The Georgia Straight,
March 14, 1996
Andrew Trites wants to know what's killer the great sea lions of Alaska
Vancouver: Secrets of the City Vancouver; Winter 1995/6 Cover feature; hidden tales about Vancouver .
Freeway Free The Georgia Straight, November 16, 1995 Vancouver has thrived without an urban freeway; now city engineers want to sneak one in anyway
Gold Diggers of 1995 Vancouver, October, 1995 John Porteous' last shot at redemption is a quest to the Philippines for lost W.W.II gold
Secret Asian Man Vancouver, October, 1995 The world's richest man thought he could buy a pied-a-terre in West Vancouver. Residents thought otherwise
Turf Wars The Georgia Straight,
August 4, 1995
Vancouver City Planners want to bring the West End to single family neighbourhoods. Odds are, they won't find a welcome mat.
Looking for Change The Georgia Straight,
March 1995
Businesses and bureaucrats are trying to get a grip on panhandling

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